Announcements 18. March 2018

Please be reminded that next we will change the clocks. The time will change to Summer time in the night 24 to 25.

We have started baptismal classes for all who desire to be baptized. The next classes are on April 6th and May 11th. The classes are at 18:00 h. POC is Deaconess Manuela

This Friday March the 16th the Vereinstaff will have their monthly meeting at 18:00 h

Next week Sunday on March the 25th we will have our yearly Youth ID Conference. This year’s Topic is ‘Bent but not broken’. The scripture is coming from II Corinthians 4:8, 9. Bring your family and friends and let us praise God together. POC are the Youth Ministry leaders

On March the 30th we will have our Living Last Supper presentation. The next rehearsal dates are today immediately following service March 25 and March 29. For more information please see Brother Nosa or Bro Tony

On March the 31st the Men of Faith will have a meeting at 13:00 h

On April the 1st we will have our Easter Gospel Concert. Theme this year is ‘Jesus Messiah’  taken from John 20:31. Start preparing your schedule and time to sing and celebrate with us in the Workshop and Concert, an awesome celebration of Christ’s Resurrection with singing. We will have the concert in our own church this year. The workshop fee is 25 €. We do have flyers and posters outside, please take some and distribute them in your communities and work place. You may also start buying tickets for the concert. As we do have limited space available, the tickets need to be reserved. The workshop will be from March 26 to March 29. On March the 31st we will have the workshop for all the youth at 14:00 h. POC is Min Thorsten, Bro Collins, Sis Nicole or Deac Manuela, or any other of the staff

On April the 29th we will have our annual General Vereinmeeting. All members please prestart preparing for that Sunday already

The Praise team is rehearsing every 3rd Saturday at 15:00 h

You are invited to join the Intercessory prayer here on Wednesdays at 18:00 h prior to midweek Praise and Worship service which starts at 19:00 h and every Sunday morning at 08:45h. If you would like to start praying with the intercessory prayer team and stand in the gap to pray for each other, please come and join the team and let us start to intercede together. If you are in need of special prayer, you may fill out a prayer request form and drop it into the prayer request box here at the altar. We will intercede on your behalf

Let’s keep all our sick, those at home and those in the hospital in prayer.  If you know of anyone from our family that is ill and need visitation, please contact one of the Deacon/ess or the Ministerial Alliance. If there is someone in need of prayer and unable to come for intercessory, you may give us their number and we will contact them to pray, 

Sunday School and Bible Study, Bible Study and Sunday School