Welcome To Atterberry Chapel Frankfurt

This is where the King of King’s children congregate to learn, to rejoice, to weep, to worship and to know the victory, which is ours by our faith and focus on our King’s Kingdom Business for life, through our Lord Jesus Christ. We greet you in the name of Jesus and extend to you our heartfelt welcome as we open our Church home to you via this website. Please freely browse our site and join us in worship of the Lord in the Spirit of Holiness.Atterberry Chapel is a unique place of worship that God has established in this beautiful Frankfurt community, Bockenheim. It is a place of fellowship and healing to the exhausted soul. No amount of words at this website can offer you the picture of how ordinary people like you celebrate Christ Jesus as Lord at Atterberry Chapel. You need to see it yourself; it is an amazing and exclusive place to be. A place where the people of God from many nations, cultures, tongues and colours congregate to worship Him who sits on the throne. Come let’s have fun in worshiping God our Father; the Word of the Lord says, “Whosoever will, may come”. So come. Don’t delay in your frustration; come with your distress and pain. Jesus is your Liberator. You will be embraced by warm-hearted ordinary people, with passion and zeal for the Lord. Our aim is to share the love of God with all, helping them to accept the truth of His freedom. It is of the utmost significance that you know how delighted we are that God has guided you our way.


Sunday School                                   every Sunday at 09:30 h

Sunday Worship Service                    every Sunday at 11:00 h      

Midweek Service                               every Wednesday at 19:00 h

Bible Study                                        every Friday at 19:00 h