Announcements 12. November 2017

On November the 17th the Angels will have praise dance rehearsal at 19:00 h. Parents please bring your children. They will have rehearsal every Friday at 19:00 h until November 24th. POC are the Youth Ministry leaders


On November the 17th we will participate in the Night of the choirs at the St. Katharinenkirche. The concert starts at 19:00 h. The choir will meet there at 18:00 h. If you want to join the church mass choir for that evening, the last rehearsal for that will be today immediately following service. POC is Pastor and Sis Nicole and Bro Collins

On November the 26th there will be a meeting after church for all the couples. Please take time out for that meeting dear couples. POC is Bro Peter

On December the 2nd the youth ministry will have an arts and crafts afternoon at 14:00 h. All children are welcome to join. Please sign up with the youth ministry leaders

On December the 9th the Women of Love will have a fellowship get together at 12:00 h. All women are invited to participate
On December the 10th we will have our Christmas program during the service hosted by the Youth Ministry
This year again, we will have two Christmas concerts, on December the 16th and 17th at 18:00 h. If you would like to participate in the Christmas choir, you must sign up because the choir will be limited to a certain amount of participants, please see Minister Thorsten to sign up. The Christmas Concert Workshop will be December 11th to the 13th. For more information please see any of the staff. We do have flyers outside, please take some and distribute them in your neighborhood and at your job

The Praise team is rehearsing every 3rd Saturday at 15:00 h

We do need committed people to join all the teams here in our church. If you would like to join the usher board, the audio team, the administration team, or any other of the teams, please see the administration staff and we will pray with you and help you and make sure you get the trainings needed

We are preparing for our New Life in Christ for the season of 2017, come that you will be a part of the move.  “I will do a New Thing in you” says the Lord.”

You are invited to join the Intercessory prayer here on Wednesdays at 18:00 h prior to midweek Praise and Worship service which starts at 19:00 h and every Sunday morning at 08:45h. If you would like to start praying with the intercessory prayer team and stand in the gap to pray for each other, please come and join the team and let us start to intercede together. If you are in need of special prayer, you may fill out a prayer request form and drop it into the prayer request box here at the altar. We will intercede on your behalf

Let’s keep all our sick, those at home and those in the hospital in prayer.  If you know of anyone from our family that is ill and need visitation, please contact one of the Deacon/ess or the Ministerial Alliance. If there is someone in need of prayer and unable to come for intercessory, you may give us their number and we will contact them to pray, 

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